mi (fluffboll) wrote,

Day 2, a strange day.

Sometimes, when browsing the big junk heap of Internet, you find something really weird. Sure, there's rule 34, but not all weirdness needs to be overly sexual.

A few weeks ago I found this: http://the-dimka.livejournal.com/6645.html
It strengthens my notion that the seventies was a quite drugged out century, but then I guess most are, just not necessarily as hallucinogenic.

The picture from yesterday is one that I've been using for a while as a background picture on my laptop. I have three different, of which one, the one below, appears on two workspaces. This one is home for me. I have used it since 1997 or so and never really wanted anything else.
The reaper man has always been a fascination of mine, why I do not know, but I love the shapelessness in the black robes and the shiny sharp scythe.
I wish I know where it came from so I could give someone credit for giving me an excellent virtual environment the last sixteen years.

Tags: nablopomo

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