mi (fluffboll) wrote,

NaBloPoMo, again

It seems this space is quite desolate if it's not November. Maybe it is true.
There's a lot of things going on, but nothing quite possible to write about, so I'm still stuck for a topic for this month.
At some point I would like to write a post that only contains lines of different songs, put together in a nice composition.

Mr Taz is beside me at the moment, claiming that 15 years and one day deserves just as much peas as the 15 year birthday. I'm not convinced. He is utterly adorable though.

Maybe the theme for this month deserves pictures? Perhaps.

This one is from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. A wonderful place to visit as long as there are no respiratory issues around. We went in February, after I finished a stint of work in Denver. We took a round trip Denver - Colorado springs - Driving through the Rocky Mountains - Dillon Dam - Estes Park - Boulder - Denver I think, might have got Estes Park and Boulder mixed up. The nature in the rockies is just breathtaking. I got to drive through a snow cloud!

Tags: nablopomo

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