Bokmeme, för böcker är alltid värda att spridas.

Blev tillfrågad om jag kunde nämna tio böcker som varit viktiga för mig. Lätt var det inte och nog finns det gott om fler än tio, men här är ett urval i någorlunda kronologisk ordning.

Det lilla röda trollet - Dorte Karrebæk
Den första bok jag minns. En pixibok om ett litet troll, en snigel och en boll. Mina föräldrar fick läsa den tills jag kunde den utantill, sen fick de läsa den igen bara för att jag älskade den så. I vuxen ålder mailade jag Bonniers förlag och frågade om de hade något exemplar jag kunde köpa. De hittade ett i ett källarförråd som de skickade helt gratis till mig! <3

Trollkarlen från OZ - L. Frank Baum
Den första serien jag slukade, i lågstadiet, på svenska, lånade nog alla delar från biblioteket. Jag kommer inte ihåg mycket alls av den, men jag kommer ihåg hur mycket jag älskade att gå till biblioteket och hur glad jag var över att det fanns ställen där man kunde låna fantastiska böcker.

Trollkarlen från övärlden - Ursula K LeGuin
Första bokserien som fick mig att börja gråta, å det grövsta.

Bilbo - J.R.R. Tolkien
Läste den första gången då jag var sju, andra 14, tredje 24, men vid 24 var första gången jag läste den på engelska. En väldigt gosig saga att kura upp sig i soffan med. Fantastiska miljöer och äventyr. Jag måste nog läsa om den nu efter filmerna för att känna hur den känns.

Hundstjärnan - Dogsbody - Diana Wynne Jones
Boken som fick mig såld både på DWJ och på vilken hund jag skulle ha då jag blev stor (Honiahaka Spirit of Sirius är nu min "lilla" älskling). Blandningen med äventyr och grekisk och walesisk mytologi var det som sålde mig hårt. Spenderade några år med att låna all DWJ jag kunde få tag på efter det. Nu måste jag bara skaffa alla på engelska också.

Liftarens Guide till Galaxen - Douglas Adams
Min största tonårskärlek. Tror jag läst alla delar minst fem gånger var. Marvins godnattsång är fortfarande en av mina favoritdikter.

Egalias Döttrar - Gerd Brantenberg
Den här boken har följt mig länge. Det var inte helt uppenbart då jag läste den hur mycket intryck den egentligen gjorde, men den är helt klart en viktig del i hur jag kom att bli feminist.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach
En bok om en fiskmås som inte riktigt var som alla andra. Den fick mig att känna mig stolt över att vara jag, fri och nörd. Om jag vill bli glad kan jag bara ta fram den och ägna 45 minuter åt att läsa den igen. Fantastisk bussbok.

Minerva Wakes - Holly Lisle
Äntligen fantasy där hjälten inte bara är den generella hjälten utan en snyggt skriven karaktär som både har styrkor och svagheter. Hennes barn blir bortrövade, deras kidnappare får lära sig hårt att man inte djävlas med en mamma. <3

Neuromancer - Hela Sprawl serien - William Gibson
Må så vara att världarna Gibson skriver i kan vara hårda och råa, inte en nackdel för mig. För mig är de i det närmaste meditativa i hur miljöerna känns och historien flyter.

NaBloPoMo, fail.

Oh well. This year just didn't work out.
It is ok, only failure makes us experts, just on what I'm not too sure. In my case it is probably "expert on missing deadlines" :)

Oh well. Have a boop.

Day four, a day full of tired.

This may be a day full of tired, but it has also been a day full of tea.
We are quite good at supplying each other with caffeinated beverages in the office and now when home my lovely has brought home tea from teavana in San Francisco. They make a lovely champagne/rose/strawberry tea that almost makes me wish I lived in the states so it was easier to come by.

The picture of today is thus of below, a part of an excellent picture set to be found at Girliemac's "HTTP Status Cats" photoset.

Now, tea!

Day three, continuing the theme of strangeness.

Today a facebook friend linked to slightly NSFW silliness the monks were about during Medieval times:
It feels quite good to not be the only one with a proper urge to doodle in the margins.
Then another friend dubbed them "Medieval Furries" and well... it does seem fitting.

Today is work day, there are tickets to solve and cake to eat. Although, all this talk about Monks and aliens made me think of bunnies. Leif claims we should not get a bunny... but... but... just look at them!

So far, the list of animals I want in my life except for Leif, Taz and Cafall, is:
Crested geckos!
A herd of alpacas and/or llamas.
Some sheep for the llamas to guard.
A friesian or two and maybe a couple of other nice draft horses.
Two donkeys (how can you resist them ears?!!?)
Bunnies (for fluff and for meat)!
An assortment of hens (for eggs and meat).
A doggy friend, or a bunch of friends, for Cafall.
Fishies and shrimps. Preferably a tropical tank big enough for small rays.
Some heritage breed pigs.
A few goats (for milk to make cheese)!
I've probably forgotten something.

One can always dream. :)

Day 2, a strange day.

Sometimes, when browsing the big junk heap of Internet, you find something really weird. Sure, there's rule 34, but not all weirdness needs to be overly sexual.

A few weeks ago I found this:
It strengthens my notion that the seventies was a quite drugged out century, but then I guess most are, just not necessarily as hallucinogenic.

The picture from yesterday is one that I've been using for a while as a background picture on my laptop. I have three different, of which one, the one below, appears on two workspaces. This one is home for me. I have used it since 1997 or so and never really wanted anything else.
The reaper man has always been a fascination of mine, why I do not know, but I love the shapelessness in the black robes and the shiny sharp scythe.
I wish I know where it came from so I could give someone credit for giving me an excellent virtual environment the last sixteen years.


NaBloPoMo, again

It seems this space is quite desolate if it's not November. Maybe it is true.
There's a lot of things going on, but nothing quite possible to write about, so I'm still stuck for a topic for this month.
At some point I would like to write a post that only contains lines of different songs, put together in a nice composition.

Mr Taz is beside me at the moment, claiming that 15 years and one day deserves just as much peas as the 15 year birthday. I'm not convinced. He is utterly adorable though.

Maybe the theme for this month deserves pictures? Perhaps.

This one is from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. A wonderful place to visit as long as there are no respiratory issues around. We went in February, after I finished a stint of work in Denver. We took a round trip Denver - Colorado springs - Driving through the Rocky Mountains - Dillon Dam - Estes Park - Boulder - Denver I think, might have got Estes Park and Boulder mixed up. The nature in the rockies is just breathtaking. I got to drive through a snow cloud!



So, the last day of November. I love this month, and once again the NaBloPoMo has been won.
There was some plans for this post to be all about my dad, to match the very first post this month about my mum... but I just finished a skype call with both of them that left all of us happy but tired.
Making plans for going to Sweden after Christmas. I am very much looking forward to it. Love to go on road trips with dad. There's always good fun to be had, bad puns, much singing and talking in general and that is even before we get too tired to not giggle at just about anything.
Being able to have my parents not just as parents but as good friends is definitely something that makes me happier in life.

Now sleep... working days tomorrow... Thanks for a good month NaBloPoMo. It is fun to write a blog most of times. :)

NaBloPoMo, reaching its end...

It's only today and tomorrow left of the NaBloPoMo for me this year, and so far, there has been a post every day although most of them has been almost almost almost the day after it's been intended to be sent, but that's how it is... Deadlines are more fun when almost failed. :)

The quality of the post haven't been too high all of the days, maybe even most of the days. I'm just not very good at writing, much better at ramblings. The one skill I really have with words seems to be to find interesting shapes to put them in and for that I have better forums than my blog. A brick of text is not as much of a challenge in an interface where there's no limit on the amount of characters in a row.
The better forum in this case is KOM. LysKOM just reached 2M posts. It's been around for quite a while now but it is not a very well known forum. For me it has always been a way to keep in touch with the computer clubs I've been around since my time in Stacken, although TokKOM seems to have died the death of the unmaintained.

That reminds me. I really should pay my membership fee for Stacken at some point soon. I might be a passive member nowadays, but I still very much want the computer club to stay alive.

Ramblings are now trailing off to the right... ... ... .. .. .

Completely uninspired blog post...

Today has been a very very nice day with pet shop browsing and fishie shopping. Unfortunately it has left me way too tired to write anything useful.

One inspiring thing though, was following mr Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan's advice in how to make a dog relaxed. Mr dog was a bit too hyper when on Pets at Home. He wanted to play with all the rabbits and rats and chinchillas and guinea pigs and so on and so forth. In the end I had to lay him on his side gently and wait, wait and wait for him to chill. It took time. Probably a good 10 minutes or so, but then suddenly he started yawning. During all that time I only stroked him and made sure that he laid on his side, didn't force him to stay that way, just told him that he should with gentle commands and a bit of nudging.

It made me happy, seeing him yawn and knowing that he could be relaxed in an environment so full of interesting stuff. He deserved a treat and he got one, the one he sniffed the most at (but didn't take as he is a good boy and knows not to take anything before he's allowed as long as someone is watching... ;) ) when going to the treats isle.

I have the bestest dog in the world. :)

Cold inspiration...

Today I feel cold and tired, have been to a lovely pet shop and an equally nice aquatic shop and shopped my heart out for kitteh, doggie, fishies and shrimps. Now the big tank is much more plant populated and Mr dog has found the bestestest toy in the entire world. It's green and has a squeeky ball in it. Quite sturdy too so it will probably not be completely trashed this week.

I've been using the jacket i bought at REI. when I was in Denver. Tungsten grey, just taste that colour... It is utterly brilliant for insulation and keeping the rain at bay, less so for keeping the wind out, but I can live with that.

Generally I am not of the shopping kind, but take me to a pet shop, an aquarium shop or an outdoors store and I'll have to put barbed wire on my wallet to come home without ruining myself.

REI. is a lovely place for the latter. Very dangerous web store. They have quality stuff for a reasonable price and I can browse there for hours, both at home and in the store.

If you ever find yourself in the US and with time to spare, try finding your nearest REI and it will surely disappear. :)