Port and cheese inspiration.

Cheese is a lovely thing. Didn't really start to like it until my twenties, a bit like most alcohol, and I still prefer the melted form before anything else, but sometimes a bit of port and cheese is a lovely thing.

Tonight we had a bottle of 2006 Grahams late bottle vintage, well, just a reasonable glass, not the entire bottle. I had some cornish brie and Wensleydale with apricots while Leif went on the mature stilton and another blue cheese that I really can't recall the name of at the moment. Crackers were had as well of course. Unfortunately no saltines but the oat crackers were just as fine.

When it comes to port I put my trust in an old post from mansaxel in KOM for inspiration and when that fails the Grahams LBV tends to do the trick anyway.
For the cheeses it all depends on if the mood is for hard or soft cheese. unixsmurf is one for the blues and the ones that smells like a pair of socks have died many times over. They are a bit too strong for me. I prefer a good brie or creamy goats cheese, or a nutty and nice hard cheese or Västerbotten, you can't go wrong with Västerbotten. Cheddar is one of the few I just haven't got a grip of yet unfortunately, but then again, who needs cheddar when there are soo many cheeses and not enough time to consume them all.

We tend to go to the Cambridge Beer Festival that CAMRA arranges in May every year. I tend to try a few beers, drink to much mead and then launch a frontal assault on the cheese bar. The cheese bar there is absolutely brilliant. Local and almost local British cheeses with lovely names like wobbly bottom and suchlike, and amazing taste.
When the beer festival is not in town, so well, most times, theres always the Cambridge Cheese Company for a good supply of cheese. Even mesost, although it doesn't seem to be the favourite flavour for some of the staff there. More for us *MUHAHAHAHAHAHA* *cough* I meant, you can't convert them all.

The one cheese I would like to find though, is the quite mild Polish smoked cheese. Back in the old days (or something) when my oldest friend used to live with us in Haninge (13 years ago now I believe...) we used to steal most of the cheese my Polish then partner took home and make pasta bake in the oven with it. Almost like mac'n'cheese just not as creamy. Oh how I want that cheese again...
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unixsmurf is claiming that my blog posts are lacking in quality.

Pah I say, pah! Yesterday I posted about cakes. Cakes are always good so I should be excused for being slightly exhausted today by overdose of cake.

I was planning to write about River cottage, that will probably happen in the near future instead. :)

Mmmmm cake...

There's one tiger cake, one chocolate chilli cake and one sponge cake, cut in three layers, that is going to be the base of a Polly cake tomorrow. Looking forward to it, a lot. :)

Here's the recipe for the chocolate chilli cake:

3 eggs
375 ml sugar
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
100 ml cocoa powder
225 ml plain flour
150g melted butter

Whisk all together in order, optionally whisk eggs and sugar until white and fluffy before adding the rest.
Bake in a round tin, 20-23cm in diameter, in 175°C (might be lower depending on oven) for 20-30 minutes.

Works well with melted chocolate as icing, and with a pinch of potent dried chilli powder. Alternatively ginger and cinnamon with or without orange zest and juice... there's plenty of options and ways to experiment with this cake.
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cake inspiration

Today I had planned to make cake. One sponge, one tiger and something lemony. I failed.
Tomorrow will be cake and cuddles day. If anyone has a good cookie recepie I would happily make them as well. :)

Now however, I am exhausted and shall have sleep. Night all.

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Good stuff inspiration.

Today was a day of working and bad news from a friend, so inspiration is going to be the ones who make bad news into a creative challenge and helps each others in bad times:

For the Swedish crowd

For the UK crowd

It seems that the end of this year is littered with various mishaps and bad news. I hope next year will start in a more convenient fashion.
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Zombie state inspiration...

Working nights is lovely. I very much enjoy the calm and quiet, the communication with customers on the other side of the world, the darkness, the discussions with colleagues that doesn't get interrupted by the rest of the office coming in and asking for things to be done, the possibility of concentrating and getting things done without interrupt. All that is something I cherish. What is less lovely is to go back to the world where people are awake during the day.
This time of year it takes two days to come back properly, if I sleep with blinds open and get sunlight when I sleep...

R.E.M has stated it lovely in their song "Day sleeper" so the inspiration for today will be that song. Be nice to us day sleepers, you lovely crowd being awake at day.

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Zombie brain inspiration...

Today I have slept, gotten up, eat and I am still not awake.

Have however, managed to watch The colour of magic, both parts. Adaptions of Pratchetts works, especially the ones he still has some kind of hand in, tends to be very very nice. Still have to see the animated ones out there, missed them when on tv years ago but Going postal, Hogfather and Colour of magic have been fantastic and we have bought at least one of them (probably all but I can't remember at the moment) on blue ray. Watch them if you can.

The first Pratchett book I ever read was The light fantastic and then I promptly went on to the death books and the guards and never actually read the colour of magic. Should try to at some point but it is not time for a Pratchett period just yet.
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